1. How long will it take to get my order?

5-7 Business Days. 

2. Where are the shades manufactured? 

100% made in the USA. 

3. What if I measured my shades wrong?

If you measure your shades too big we can cut them to the size needed. 

If you measure your shades too small we will re-make your shades for 50% off. 

If you measured wrong during one of our FaceTime appointments, we will take 100% responsibility and make your new shades for free.  

4. What if one of your installers measured my shades wrong?

If our installer measured your shades incorrectly we will take 100% responsibility for this and make your new shades for free. We will give you a 15% refund on your order for the inconvenience. 

5. Is there a guarantee?

All of our orders have a 1 year mechanism guarantee. If you order motorized shades there is a 2 year motor guarantee. Please note that this guarantee does not include if a person and/or pet breaks or tears them apart. 

6. What makes shadesshop one of the best companies to order from and work with?

Shadesshop believes in 100% customer satisfaction.  We work with our clients and team to make life easier for our customers while delivering them the best product. We pride ourselves in offering competitive prices while maintaining A+ materials which are 100% made in the USA.  We provide many different ways to help our customers to cut their costs such as, FaceTime appointments for any questions, videos and easy instructions on measuring and installing, and our live chat text option. Shadesshop also believes in giving back to our community and will donate a percentage of all sales to Austism Speaks (www.autism



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We can pair you up with one of our vetted professionals to visit your home and measure your windows.

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