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Kitchen Window Blinds

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen whether we’re cooking, eating, or gathering around for a party. The heart of your home deserves to be functional and stylish. When we think of our kitchen decor we often think of the cabinets and countertops, but it’s the window treatments that really tie the space together. It’s important to choose the right window treatments for your unique kitchen because there are many factors to consider. ShadeMonster has a variety of colors and fabrics to fit any aesthetic and design trend, and we’re here to help make the process smooth and easy!

Find the perfect window blinds for your kitchen

Choose According to your Needs

Enjoy The View

Enjoy the view while protecting from glare and harmful UV ray. Choose ShadeMonster’s solar shades have the super power of blocking of excessive light, they reduce glare, protect against 95% of those pesky UV rays, promote energy conservation (lowering your electric bill by an average of 30%).

Durable and Water Resistant

ShadeMonster’s faux-wood blinds are durable and long lasting, perfect for kitchens and over the sink. Faux-wood blinds are excellent at repelling water and steam. You can even wipe them clean!

Style and Light Control

We don’t want to be blinded while we’re in our kitchen, so having window treatments to reduce the harsh sunlight and glare is important. As mentioned above, zebra shades offer three light-filtering options. Adjust the alternating stripes to let in your desired amount of light. Solar shades are also a great option to reduce glare and protect you from harmful UV rays.


Sometimes our kitchen windows need a little more privacy, especially at night. Depending on where your kitchen is situated in your house, your windows could be street facing. ShadeMonster recommends our light- filtering shades for the maximum amount of light blockage and privacy during any time of day.

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Need help deciding on a window treatment?

Need help deciding on a window treatment?