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Child Safety for Blinds and Shades​

Hanging cords and exposed window cords can pose a threat to your child’s safety and health. As recommended by the Window Covering Safety Council, cordless blinds and cordless shades are the only way to truly protect your child from the possible harm and safety hazard that cords can be.

Choose Cordless Blinds

Going cordless is the safer choice when you have children. Even for pets, cordless blinds and shades are the way to go. Because pets and small children can get entangled in the cords, going remote controlled, cordless, or motorized is the way to go to avoid any freak accidents.

Keep Cords Out of Reach

Blinds and shades should always be kept out of reach and touch by small children. This ensures that your children or pet can’t get tangled in the cords. Choose roller shades instead of long drapery or corded blinds for minimal choking hazards.

Prevent Access to Cords

Limiting contact with corded blinds and shades dramatically decreases the risk of choking or falling. Locations like the bed, couch, crib, and other climbable furniture make it too easy for your child to get caught in an accident. Prevent access to cords by positioning furniture away from window treatments or doors.

Pull the Cord Down and Lock

Corded blinds or shades need to be locked in so that children and pets are unable to mess with them. Dangling cords or strings can become a threat or hazard. To secure the cord, it needs to be anchored down and locked into the side of the shade. ShadeMonster window treatments always come with a cord anchor to tightly secure chains and cords.

Install Properly

To be sure that your blinds and shades are properly installed, get help from ShadeMonster’s step-by-step installation guide and video. If you’re still concerned, hire a professional installer so you can be absolutely sure that your corded blinds are properly installed. This ensures the locked cord won’t come loose and become easy for your child to grab.

Why Window Covering Safety is so Important

When we think of all the precautions that we take to make our home the safest for our children, we often overlook window cords as a
potentially serious risk. When you have young kids, being aware of these risks could save their life. The statistics below may shock
some people, but here at ShadeMonster we believe in raising as much awareness as possible about the safety of window treatments.

According to the report of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC):

– When children become entangled, strangulation can occur in less than a minute.
– Window cord strangulation is often silent, so parents or caregivers nearby may not realize that a tragedy is unfolding.
– On average, about nine children aged 5 and younger die every year from strangulation in window blinds, shades, draperies and
other window coverings with cords.
– About 200 incidents involving children up to 8 years old occurred due to strangulation hazards on window covering cords from
January 2009 through December 2020, according to CPSC data.
– Injuries ranged from a scar around the neck, quadriplegia, and even permanent brain damage.

ShadeMonster Offers Child and Pet Safety Solutions

There is nothing that ShadeMonster takes into consideration more than child and pet safety. Our window treatments are high quality and always come with a chain tensioner and anchor to prevent dangling chains or cords. By tightly keeping your cords out of reach, the possibility of children or pets getting hurt is lessened. It is important to teach your children that window treatments are not toys and should not be played with. ShadeMonster always recommends going cordless for homes with children and pets to eliminate this hazard altogether. The safest option is to motorize your window treatments, which excludes all chains, cords, and tilt wands. You can even schedule your window treatments to raise during the day to further keep them out of reach of tiny hands. Roller shades in particular are considered some of the safest window coverings to install with motorization as their design does not include any other strings or cords. When choosing window treatments for your home, it is important to keep in mind function, space, and style. ShadeMonster has a solution for your every need.

Updated Child Safety Standards - Effective December 2018

The Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) set new standards for child safety, to take effect by December 15, 2018. The revised
guidelines state that cords on any custom-made window covering can’t be longer than 40% of the height of the window covering.

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