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Light Filtering Shades, Room Darkening, or Both?

In world where choices are commonplace and options are at our fingertips, it’s important to get all the facts before deciding the best route to take when deciding between light filtering shades or darkening blinds in an effort to control the light content in your space.

There happen to be some pretty poignant differences—based on style and fabrication—in how your window treatment can affect the light in room and not to mention, your energy bill. But don’t fret, we’re here to walk you through the process and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel (drum roll).

So when it comes down to light altering products these three categories remain amongst the most popular: light filtering shades, darkening blinds and light blocking blinds. Below, we’ll break down what’s what.

What are light filtering shades?

Some of you may be thrilled to know that light filtering shades are all about control. You are the master of the illumination universe with these window treatments, controlling how light enters a room at any given moment of the day. If the sunshine is threatening your peace, altering the temperature of a room or even creating concern for an antique piece of furniture, as an example, light filtering shades allow for that intensity to be quickly altered and transformed into more of a soft glow. Controlling the way your room is illuminated is also great for setting the mood for any occasion.

Light filtering shades are not, however, all made equally. Selecting the appropriate fabric plays a major role, as well. A sheer shade will surely allow more light in than something more opaque which will further block the entrance of light which can also work in aiding to create more privacy should that be desired.

If this is feeling a bit too translucent for you, there is a category in the middle that might work best. Room darkening treatments block more light than the light filtering products we discussed earlier without creating that blackhole sensation that most reserve for the bedroom. Think of them like a good tool to block the glare from the television without making you feel like you’re in a dark theater.

These shades are a good option if you want more privacy than what thinner, lighter materials can provide.

What are blackout blinds?

The holy grail of light-altering window treatments are the black outs. They reign supreme when it comes to room darkening or blocking the amount of light that enters. Blackout window treatments are good options for a home cinema, bedrooms, or rooms with light-sensitive items like artwork. Why? Because blackout curtains block heat. Available in most styles, these shades employ the use of a dark backing or custom lining to stop light dead in its tracks. Feeling jet-lagged after a long flight and need to sleep? Black out blinds will be a savior.

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