Let The Summer Light In! Take 30% off your entire order now through 06/16 - No code needed. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Excludes parts and accessories.

Let The Summer Light In! Take 30% off your entire order now through 06/16 - No code needed. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Excludes parts and accessories.

Sheer Shades

ShadeMonster's sheer window shades are the perfect combination between a window blind and a window shade. The horizontal fabric of slats appears to float between two layers of sheer fabric which give your home a subtle angelic glow of light. Perfect for any home or business, ShadeMonster's sheer shades combine elegance and practicality, giving your home a softer feel while still providing privacy and lowering your electric bill by 25% on average. Our sheer shades come in a variety of colors, perfect for elevating any design!

Sheer Shades

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Sheer Shades Popular Questions

What is the difference between light filtering and sheer shades?

Sheer shades, also known as sheer blinds, are the perfect combination of solar shades and blinds functionality. Like traditional solar shades, they feature flaps that can be angled to let in light or block it while protecting privacy. Like the traditional window blinds, they feature solid pieces of fabric that stretch their entire length.

Do sheer shades provide privacy?

Sheer Shades provide you privacy, giving to your home that touch of elegance. Unlike sheer curtains, which are made of thin fabric, sheer blinds combine the benefits of solar shades with that soft touch of sheer that makes your ambiance appear warmer and less formal. Sheer shades will let the natural light in during the day assuring the privacy that you need. 

Why choose sheer shades for your home?

Sheer roller shades can be raised to allow full sunlight or can be lowered with the slats open for a mix of privacy and diffused lights. 

Design and Convenience

Choose from a variety of colors, textures, and fabrics to match your house style.

Smart Shades

Choose our motorized sheer shades and get rid of pulling cords. Automatic shades give you full control of your window shades and blinds at a touch of a button. Child and pet-friendly.

Installation & Measuring Guide

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Installation & Measuring Guide

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