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Best Blinds For Gyms

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the gym is probably not the window coverings. But that doesn’t mean your gym can’t benefit from adding the right ones. Some gyms offer a variety of classes, such as spin, yoga, pilates, or zumba. It is important to set the mood and intention for each type of exercise to enhance the experience. 

Maybe you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home. If the pandemic has taught us anything, you don’t need a gym membership to get in a good workout. Home gyms have their own particular vibe but should still feel like home. They shouldn’t be neglected and look displaced in your home decor. Adding window treatments gives you comfort, while keeping a cohesive interior aesthetic to your space. 

Wherever you prefer to break a sweat, ShadeMonster can help make sure that you always feel happy and confident. 

Girl working out in a Home Gym

The Benefits of Window Treatments for Home Gyms

Your home gym should feel welcoming and not like a torture chamber you force yourself into every day. Working out gives you endorphins leading to an increase in happiness, but it can’t hurt to already feel happy with your space before you exercise. Window treatments for home gyms have a few features that are important to keep in mind: 

  • Light control

Your home gym should be illuminated, but never so bright that you have to squint while you squat. Control the amount of light that you let in with roller shades. They filter light and reduce glare so you’ll only be straining your muscles, not your eyes. 

  • Privacy

If your home gym faces the street, you might want some privacy so your nosey neighbors can’t judge your form. Roller shades come in a variety of opacities that allow you to choose how much the outside can see in. Go from translucent to opaque depending on what you feel comfortable with. 

  • Climate protection 

You might be working on your summer body, but that doesn’t mean you want your home gym to feel that summer heat. Alternatively, you’re less likely to work out if your home gym feels like an icebox in the winter. Roller shades can help conserve energy and reduce your electricity bill on average by 30%. Their insulating properties keep the heat and cold out and regulate the temperature in your space. 

ShadeMonster’s Recommendation for Commercial Gym Window Treatments 

Commercial gyms have more considerations than home gyms due to their various uses. Dividing the gym into specific sections allows you to choose the right window treatments for each use. 

  • Main area (lifting and cardio section)

Gyms with large exterior windows should consider adding solar shades with 1% or 3% opacity. Solar shades help reduce glare, regulate temperature, and provide enough privacy that your patrons won’t feel self conscious about onlookers. 

  • Spin studio

Spin classes typically take place in dark rooms with loud music and fun lighting to keep the riders stamina high and help make it more enjoyable. Adding blackout shades with side channels will ensure that no light from the main gym comes through the windows to the room. 

  • Yoga studio

Yoga also benefits from the right lighting. Most classes finish off with a relaxing sequence to bring the practice to a close. Adding motorized shades would lend a helping hand to the instructors and let the class know that their time is almost up.

Blacl Roller Shades for Windows in a Gym 

Commercial gyms and home gyms may vary in sizes and uses, but they could both benefit from window treatments. ShadeMonster’s design specialists can help walk you through our various options and fabrics to decide what’s right for your space. Our goal is to make the process of installing new window treatments as easy and convenient for you. Contact us today for a free consultation

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