Blackout Shades

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Blackout Shades

Also known as Room Darkening Shades but slightly different, blackout shades do just that - they blackout a room by completely blocking sunlight from entering a window. When ShadeMonster’s blackout shades are properly installed, they can transform an otherwise bright room into almost completely dark space, perfect for sleep or family movie time. During the day, blackout shades will allow a “halo” of light around its outer edges to provide a degree of visibility but eliminate glare on TV screens, computer monitors and other reflective surfaces.

ShadeMonster’s blackout shades are most often used in bedrooms, home theatres, living rooms, baby nurseries, home offices and dark rooms for photographers, but are perfect for any room in the home that you’d enjoy darkness in.

The benefits of blackout shades are numerous; like its sister, the solar shade, blackout shades can protect furniture, rugs, hardwood floors, and other home furnishings from UV damage as well as offering an added level of privacy from passersby. Blackout shades are very good at blocking sunlight from entering a room, improving temperature control by lowering its average temperature and saving money on home cooling costs.

Our blackout shades are 100% manufactured in the United States using the highest quality parts available. Our blackout shades are available in an impressive number of combinations, allowing our customers to select the ideal color, opacity, and control mechanisms to complement their homes.

Our blackout shades are custom made to order and are available in a wide variety of sizes, which make them easy to order and install over standard-sized windows and larger, uncommon window sizes alike.

Not sure the exact dimensions of your windows? No need for costly professional measurements. Our US based window treatment specialists can connect with you on a variety of video chat platforms such as FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp. and guide you through the measurement process. Measurements taken with our Video Chat Consultations are 100% guaranteed by Shade Monster, and we will replace your solar shades for you at no additional cost if our measurements were incorrect.

We encourage you to use our live chat feature to assist you with any measuring, installation or general questions. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction at all times! Our dedicated customer service is here to assist you every step of the way.


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