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What is a Window Valance and Why you Need One

Are you in the process of buying new roller shades and blinds and wondering whether or not a valance is necessary? Valances are an important part of window treatments. A decorative element, they tie together the look of your window shade with your room design. There are in fact many functional benefits of valances as well.
Valances come in different styles and colors, so you can always find the right match for your room and window shades. Want to learn more about these window treatment accessories? Read on to see what window valance do and how you can benefit from them.

Why Do You Need a Window Valance?

So why do you need one? Aside from the aesthetic value, roller blind valances serve primarily to conceal the space between the top of the window frame and where the roller blind begins. By hiding the window treatment hardware, they provide continuity to the wall.

In case you are trying to completely darken the room with blackout shades, the window valance will be very useful to cover up the light filtering from the gap between the window frame and the roller blind. This, together with the side channel, useful for blocking the light from the side of the blackout shades, will guarantee you complete light blocking.

Blackout shades with valance and fascia

Valances can be used to create a border around the tops of any roller shade or blinds. They also provide an extra layer that helps insulate your room against temperature changes and prevent drafts from coming in through open windows.

Don’t forget about all the design possibilities when you add a valance with your window treatment! We’d be delighted to assist you in deciding which type of valances would look best in your space.

Types of Window Valance for Roller Blinds

In their simplicity, the window valances for roller blinds can create a unique style in your home, as well as match the colors of the walls and decorative elements. At ShadeMonster, we are always attentive to new trends in terms of color combinations, but we are also very fond of classic lines with simple and clean colors.

Here are some different styles of window valances that can look great in any home.

Cassette Valance

The cassette valance is a great choice for those looking to add some class and flair into their room. These pieces come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes but they all have one thing common – the ability blend with existing style or create new ones!

The curved shape offers a sleek modern vibe without taking too much attention away from your home decorating efforts. A matching fabric insert can be added to the front of the valance to create a more streamlined look with the design of your window shade.

example of gray cassette valance

Squared Cassette Valance

The squared cassette valance is subtle but similar to the curved cassette. Squared cassette valances are flat and don't jut out like their curved counterparts. Instead, they create a finished look that sits flush with your window frame. Play with colors for a bold look.

Fascia Valance

The fascia valance has a more traditional look, and is designed to attach on either side of your roller shade. These go great with any type of window covering, and they’re perfect for achieving a look that’s more formal or “classic-inspired.”

Are Valance Out of Style?

Valances are sometimes referred to as classic, making one question if they are still in style or not. As they come in many different styles, colors, and shapes, you can customize your valance to fit your aesthetic. For this reason, we believe that valances are still in style when they are made in a trending color or design. Besides, when does classic ever go out of style? Choose the customization that suits your personal design and your window treatment valance will always be stylish and functional.

We hope this article gave you a better understanding of what valances are and how to use them to benefit your home. Check out the ShadeMonster online store today to get started on your custom roller blinds. Have any window treatment needs that aren’t covered on our website? The ShadeMonster customer service team is always happy to help with unique requests. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation.

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