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What Are The Benefits Of Cordless Blinds

Cordless blinds are a safe, clean, and stylish way of adding convenience to your window shades. Cordless blinds offer a child-safe, convenient, and hassle-free way of using your shades while keeping the aesthetic clean. 

Are Cordless Blinds Better Than Corded Blinds?

The answer depends on some factors.

Size, location, and use.

Cordless blinds are better for your standard windows that are located in kid’s rooms, nurseries, and honestly anywhere in the house. In addition, cordless blinds offer a certain clean aesthetic to your room. Clean, no cords, and ability to control your shades from wherever you want. However, for large windows and doors that require a lot more surface area, corded blinds are probably the best bet. In the end, the best choice is the one that you are most comfortable with. 


Are Cordless Blinds Child-Proof/Child Safe?

Cordless blinds do not use a cord, instead they use a wand or motorized remote control that raises or lowers the shade. Thus, it would be very hard for your child to get entangled or strangled by the cord. Although this may sound like something that is ridiculous, it is not uncommon. Lots of children that go unattended for long periods of time sometimes end up being entangled or strangled by the cords on the window shades. Although these accidents rarely end in death, they still result in severe injuries. If you have a kid or small pet, cordless blinds may be the way to go. 

How Do Cordless Blinds Work?

Cordless blinds are controlled through 3 ways: manual, button, and remote controlled.

Manual cordless blinds are raised and lowered from a wand at the bottom or top of the shade. This is the most basic way to go cordless.

Button cordless blinds are controlled through a button on the shades. This button can adjust the height of the shade. 

Remote controlled blinds are controlled through a hub or remote, both of which allow you to adjust your shades through a remote. The hub can connect multiple remotes at once, while the remotes themselves are used to raise or lower the shade. 


Can Cordless Blinds Also Be Motorized?

Cordless blinds can be motorized. Although most commonly, people get the wand because it is cheaper, motorized blinds offer a level of convenience that is unmatched. Being able to remote control your blinds from anywhere is a big plus. You can even program ShadeMonster remote controlled shades to go up and down at certain times of the day so that you don’t have to even touch them. Sundown, sunrise, 1pm, 9pm, whatever time you want, you can program the shades to go up or down whenever. 

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