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The Best Commercial Blinds for your Business 

Commercial spaces can be challenging when it comes to feeling warm and inviting. Sometimes these spaces come off as cold or sterile. With the help of ShadeMonster window treatments, your commercial space will look more like home. There are so many benefits to adding blinds or shades to your windows, regardless if they’re commercial or residential. From reducing glare to adding privacy, window treatments add value. 

We’ve broken down the best window treatments for commercial use by establishment. Whether you’re adding shades to your office, restaurant, gym, hotel, or even rental property, ShadeMonster always has you covered with the best tips. 

Office Window Coverings

ShadeMonster’s blinds and shades are the perfect addition to refresh your office and make it a more pleasant place to be. Window treatments can help enhance light, add color and texture, or even add privacy to your office. There are a variety of choices available, and figuring out which one is right for your space can feel like an overwhelming decision.

Having the right window shades can help relieve eye strain and provide a more welcoming atmosphere for your employees and clients to work in. When choosing window treatments, there are many key factors to keep in mind so the products match the unique needs of your space. If your office is located in a high-rise building, the sun likely beats in through your windows obscuring your employees’ views and creating unwanted heat. Window treatments can help to filter out that light and make your space more conducive for productivity.

Learn more about the 5 main factors to consider when choosing window treatments for your office. 

White Blackout shades for conference room

Window Treatment Options for Restaurants 

A restaurant’s atmosphere contributes heavily to the popularity of the establishment. The food might be delicious, but no one likes to eat in a dingy space. Make sure your dining experience is top notch by adding the right window treatments for your restaurant. Keeping in mind your overall aesthetic, there are a few key factors to take into account when choosing your blinds or shades for your restaurant

  • Exclusivity 

The transparency of your window treatment can elicit a level of exclusivity to the restaurant. This is of course a matter of preference. If you want patrons to be able to see inside from the exterior, making the space seem inviting and convincing them to go in, you’ll want to go with a solar shade with a more open weave to allow for transparency. Perhaps you want your space to feel mysterious from the outside, creating an intrigue to see what’s inside. Opting for blackout shades adds the most privacy to your restaurant windows. 

  • Style

Each restaurant has its own unique dining experience, which decor lends itself to. If your theme is more chic, whimsical, or traditional, drapery is the perfect addition to capture that flowy essence. If your design aesthetic is minimal, sleek, and linear, go with roller shades that seamlessly blend in with your window. ShadeMonster offers a variety of colors, fabrics, and window treatments to choose from to help bring your vision to life. 

Front of a restaurant with faux wood blinds

Window Treatments for Gyms

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the gym is probably not the window coverings. But that doesn’t mean your gym can’t benefit from adding the right ones. Gyms with large exterior windows should consider adding solar shades with 1% or 3% opacity. Solar shades help reduce glare, regulate temperature, and provide enough privacy that your patrons won’t feel self conscious about onlookers. 

Some gyms offer a variety of classes, such as spin, yoga, pilates, or zumba. It is important to set the mood and intention for each type of exercise to enhance the experience. For example, spin classes typically take place in dark rooms with loud music and fun lighting to keep the riders stamina high and help make it more enjoyable. Adding blackout shades with side channels will ensure that no light from the main gym comes through the windows to the room. Yoga also benefits from the right lighting. Most classes finish off with a relaxing sequence to bring the practice to a close. Adding motorized shades would lend a helping hand to the instructors and let the class know that their time is almost up. 

Window Treatment Options for Hotels

Window treatments in hotels are vital for guests. Not only do the right shades induce more sound sleep, they also give the rooms privacy. A combination of window treatments is common in hotel rooms to allow for the guests to choose the amount of light and privacy they desire at any given point of their stay. 

  • Blackout shades for hotel’s rooms

Obviously important for privacy reasons, blackout shades allow for a deeper sleep since they minimize the amount of outside light. The perfect window treatment for nighttime, you’ll have to make sure your guests don’t miss their check out time because of how dark and cozy their rooms are. 

  • Drapery 

Adding drapery to your windows over your blackout shades gives your guests an option during the day regarding how much light to let in and how much of their view they want to see (and allow to see in). Drapery comes in different opacity levels, however ShadeMonster recommends opting for a semi-transparent fabric so guests can still see out when the drapes are closed. 

  • Motorized shades for comfort and safety of your guests

Giving your guests the convenience of motorized shades adds another layer of comfort that one looks for during their hotel stay. Imagine the feeling of coming back to your hotel room late and being able to draw the blinds by a touch of a button beside your bed. We guarantee your guests will rave about your motorized window treatments

White blackout shades in hotel's room

Window Treatment Options for Rental Properties 

A key factor in the success of your rental property is how at home your guests feel in your space. These properties should have the same essence of a hotel, but with an added touch of individuality. Adding the right window treatments to your rental property will help keep renters happy and coming back. 

Your window treatments should be able to withstand the turnover that your rental property might have. You don’t want your guests to feel less than enthusiastic about their stay because the shades don’t close properly or the drapes are too transparent to keep out the sun. ShadeMonster’s window treatments are made of high quality made in the USA material in our local factory. Our designers will help you choose the right window treatment for each room of your property keeping in mind durability, style, and privacy. This attention to detail will be a welcomed addition to your rental property and have guests promoting your space as professional and courteous. 

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