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According to science, keeping the light out of your bedroom improves your well-being!

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with ShadeMonster Blackout Window Treatments

Everyone has its own circadian rhythm, an internal clock that determines the sleep-wake cycle. According to sleepfoundation.org, this master clock is directly influenced by environmental cues, especially light, which is why circadian rhythms are tied to the cycle of day and night.

The sleep quality has a great impact on the health of our brain, body, and soul. Who else is guilty of being an absolute grouch when they don’t get enough sleep?! While we sleep, our brains regenerate, and small damages are repaired. Adequate rest make us focus better, memorize things clearly, and work more efficiently. Having a good night rest also helps maintaining a good physical shape. The lights that filter through the window in the early morning and during the night can trigger a wakefulness mechanism which tampers our precious sleep. However, fret no more, ShadeMonster custom blackout window treatments are here to help you sleep better!

Do you have problem sleeping because lights filter through your window?

According to science, one of the golden rules to achieve a regenerating night sleep is silence and the absence of light. Keeping the light out of your room helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep following your natural circadian sleep cycle. ShadeMonster bedroom blackout shades can substantially stop lights from coming in.  This can be extremely beneficial for people who work night shifts and need to get their sleep while the sun is up. ShadeMonster custom blackout window treatments are great for those who just want to sleep in a few extra hours, especially after a fun night out. If you live in a metropolitan area with a lot of artificial lights, you know how hard it can be to get a good night’s sleep.  Our ShadeMonster blackout window shades are the answer for you. According to studies, it is absolutely crucial for newborns, infants, and children to get the correct amount of sleep. Good sleep plays a critical and positive role in cognition and physical growth. Happy babies = happy caregivers!

How do you completely block a window light?

To get a perfectly dark room, we recommend ShadeMonster custom blackout window treatments, that can perfectly fit your window. These are light blocking shades to help you sleep through the night. Our window shades also have the advantage of regulating the temperature in the room, preventing hot and cold air from penetrating through the window. Fortunately, what is good for your health may also be that piece of design that you were looking for! ShadeMonster’s window treatments have become a complimentary piece of design that create that WOW affect. Especially when you install our motorized window treatments, which allows you to control your shades conveniently from your bed or couch, with a touch of a remote control or by asking to Google or Alexa to lower your shades! For the best light blocking affect we also recommend adding at least 2 inches of extra width when calculating your measurement from an outside mount, which helps eliminate any light halo and also gives more room with measurements.

Blackout shades improve the quality of your sleep

Blocking the lights from coming in through windows can have a great impact on your overall sleep quality. There are, however, many other important tips to follow that contribute to a good night rest. This includes  limiting noises, avoiding electronic devices after a certain hour, reducing your caffeine intake, just to name a few. By eliminating these things and adding ShadeMonster’s custom blackout treatments to your home, you will see a significant increase in getting a better night’s (or day’s) rest. Contact us today to order the perfect blackout shades for your home!

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