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Benefits for Installing Outside Mount Blinds

Choosing the right look for your window treatments can be overwhelming making all the decisions on fabric, color, and motorization. When you finally make your choices, you find out that you have one more decision to make – outside mount or inside mount. Which mount is right for your specific window? How does the mount change the function of your blinds? This blog will help answer these questions and more. As always, ShadeMonster is here to help make all your window treatment decisions easy! 

What is an Outside Mount Blind?

The mount of your blinds or shades refers to where your window treatment is installed with relation to your window frame. Inside mount indicates that the blinds are installed within the frame of your window, while outside mount blinds are installed outside of the window frame. Outside mount can be installed above the window frame or on the face of the window trim. 

What is the Difference Between an Outside Mount and an Inside Mount?

As we mentioned above, the difference between an outside mount and an inside mount is whether the window treatment is installed within the confines of the window frame or not. The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding on where to mount your blinds, is how much depth your window frame has. 

For an inside mount, the window frame should have at least 2” of depth. For an outside mount, the shade should be 4”- 6” wider than the window frame in order to cover the window in its entirety. If your frame does not have enough depth, then the decision is easy – outside mount. 

Inside and outside mount grapgic

Is an Outside Mount Blind Right for You?

Certain windows require an outside mount, specifically doors, as they do not allow for window treatments to be mounted to the face of the window. Perhaps your window has a unique shape, outside mount blinds have no limitation as they are mounted on the surrounding wall. Even if you do have enough space, there are a few other reasons you might choose outside mount blinds: 

  • Appearance of larger windows

By mounting your window coverings outside of the window frame, your blinds can create the appearance of larger or taller windows. They are no longer limited to the size of your window frame. Outside mount drapery feels luxurious and elegant, while outside mount roller shades can give you full visibility of your windows when rolled up. 

  • Better light control 

Outside mount blinds eliminates the need for side channels since they cover your window frame in its entirety. With inside mount, your blinds or shades don’t fully cover the window and light can still pass through the gaps between your window frame. Depending on the fabric and opacity of your outside mount shades, little to no light will pass through. Any light that does come through is less intense, more of a soft halo glow. 

Industrial style windows with outside mount roller shades

  • Helpful for windows with cranks or handles

Because outside mount blinds are installed over your window, they allow for more space between the window treatment and the glass. Cranks or handles are easily accessed by simply reaching behind the shade, without having to adjust it. Using space blockers or extension brackets when installing outside mount roller shades also completely clears any window trim or molding, perfect if you’re thinking of changing or removing your window treatments.

  • Industrial style interior design

This interior design aesthetic is reminiscent of old factories and industrial spaces, with raw materials, exposed hardware, and an unfinished feel. Perfect for lofts or other living spaces with this aesthetic, an outside mount oversized roller shade with an exposed roller lends perfectly to this style. Add black brackets for an intentional feel. 

Not into the industrial vibe? Complete your window treatment with a valance to create a polished, finished look! 

Inside mount rolelr shades

Best Blinds for Outside Mount 

Nearly every window treatment can be installed with an outside mount, but ShadeMonster’s top choices are: 

  • Outside Mount Roller Shades 

Roller shades look great with either an outside or inside mount, however they offer more complete light control with an outside mount. By fitting the shade larger than the window, your outside mount roller shade will cover the whole window, blocking out the most amount of light without the need for side channels. Roller shades come in a variety of colors and styles, including blackout shadessolar shades, or zebra shades

  • Outside Mount Faux-wood Blinds 

Faux-wood blinds are a great option for an outside mount. These blinds look so much like authentic wood, while being more durable and long lasting. Outside mount faux-wood blinds are perfect for creating clean, minimal lines with an organic feel since they completely obstruct the window. 

Outside mount faux wood blinds

ShadeMonster strives to make your window treatment buying experience easy and stress-free. If you need help measuring your blinds for either inside or outside mount, check out our Measuring Guide and Installation Videos here. 

Why Trust ShadeMonster With Your Window Treatment?

ShadeMonster boasts 25 years of experience creating custom window treatments. Our products come directly from our local factory guaranteeing high quality customizable materials, competitive pricing, and quick turn around. Contact us today for your free estimate, and have your new shades in less than 7 business days! 

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