Fourth of July Sale! Get 30% Off Your Entire Order of window shades. No Code Needed. Valid Through 07/05 Cannot be combined with other promotions. (Parts are not included in the sale)

Fourth of July Sale! Get 30% Off Your Entire Order of window shades. No Code Needed. Valid Through 07/05 Cannot be combined with other promotions. (Parts are not included in the sale)

Why Buying At ShadeMonster Is Affordable and Convenient

August 06, 2021


ShadeMonster is a local/national window treatment company in Miami. Having served both New York and Miami for 25+ years, ShadeMonster is experienced, licensed, and convenient for anyone to order/request their window treatment solutions from. ShadeMonster is not only more convenient, we are also much more affordable. 

Having a local factory in Miami and a showroom in Miami as well, ShadeMonster can save you the 3-5 business days that most companies take to ship your shades. Being a local Miami company that can also ship nationwide, ShadeMonster is the way to go for your window treatment needs.

ShadeMonster Has Its Own Factory

While most companies may delegate their production to overseas companies like in China, India, and other countries that have the ability to produce the material cheaply, ShadeMonster is proudly made in the USA. Having our own factory, we take pride in our fast turnover times and being able to serve our customers quickly and efficiently. No need to send the orders to a factory in bulk. No need to wait to fill a quota for the day. Our local factory will fill the orders first come first serve and deliver them as fast as possible with our partners. 

Natural Shades Made With Natural Fabrics

Window shades can release odor as well. Lots of window shades that are produced internationally can release an odor because of the chemicals that are in the shades to make them look nice. Our shades are proven natural and don’t release odor. Because ShadeMonster are natural and made durable, our shades will not fade in weird places either. 


ShadeMonster Is Partnered With Affirm

We understand that window treatment is not necessarily the cheapest service. In fact, for some window treatment options, it can get quite expensive. That’s why we offer our partnership with Affirm so that anyone can make their purchase and be able to pay it off within their budget. Affirm lets you split your payment in several portions so that you can pay it off month to month instead of all of it at once. Zebra shades (being dual roller shades), can become rather expensive vs a cheaper option like faux wood blinds. This is where Affirm comes in. ShadeMonster wants you to have the window treatment of your dreams, while not breaking the bank.


Fully Customizable Window Shades and Blinds

ShadeMonster offers some of the most customizable shades in the market. 

Want a specific color? Our color spectrum ranges from anything in between black and white. 

Want a motorized/cordless/remote controlled shade? ShadeMonster prides itself in being able to offer cordless blinds and motorized shades for almost any shade option. Want your roller shades to be motorized? We got you. All our shades are able to be motorized not only for convenience, but for child and pet safety as well. 


ShadeMonster Showroom

ShadeMonster also boasts its own showroom. For local shade buyers in Miami, our showroom can truly display everything that ShadeMonster has got. From the wide color of shades, to the various styles and shades/blinds we sell, to the customization of motorized shades. For window shades in Miami, come check out our showroom. You can even order from the showroom itself once you are here and enjoy the fact that ShadeMonster is your local window treatment solution. We process any orders from our showroom and factory on the same day and make sure that it goes out to you as fast as possible. 

Why Trust ShadeMonster With Your Window Treatment?

ShadeMonster boasts over 25 years of experience creating custom window treatments. Our products come directly from our local factory guaranteeing high quality customizable materials, competitive pricing, and quick turn around. Contact us today for your free estimate, and have your new shades in less than 7 business days! 


Still Need Help Deciding On Your Window Treatment?

ShadeMonster’s team of experts are happy to assist. Call now for free consultation: (866) 206-8056

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