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New Year, New Shades! Take 30% off your entire order now through 01/31 - No code needed. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Excludes parts and accessories.

How to Decorate Farmhouse Style

April 21, 2021

How to Decorate Farmhouse Style

Elements of Farmhouse Style Décor

Different design elements evoke different feelings. For quite some time now, the warm and welcoming feeling of a farmhouse style home has evoked ideas of a generationally shared country estate where worn woods tell the stories of family moments shared. A wrap around porch and its quintessential rocking chairs invite visitors in to what will surely be a welcoming environment. From shiplapped walls to rustic kitchens and window treatments like roller shades, it’s all in the details for this cozy kind of establishment.

What is Modern Farmhouse Style

 At the same time classic and rustic, a farmhouse aesthetic reads like a collection of memories. Turning your shabby, chic, a farmhouse thrives when sprinkled with elements that feel lived in. Weathered finishes and repurposed woods take center stage in these environments in the form of barn doors and architectural salvage as well as raw, wide planked floors that provide a sophisticated but warm feeling via natural elements.

Farmhouse Livingroom

Farmhouse Style Homes

While modern homes are generally stark and simple, the modern farmhouse takes cues from farmhouse style decor and makes it its own. Shiplapped walls of reclaimed wood could be whitewashed to provide a fresher feel, as an example. Flooring might be introduced in grey or black as opposed to the traditional, natural woods that we are accustomed to seeing in that category. A neutral color palette is certainly a key element in modernizing the farmhouse style and making it your own.

Farmhouse Window Treatments

Modern farmhouse curtains are also a fun way to play with the style and make it more current. Select window shades in earth tones or window blinds in faux wood to evoke the feelings that natural materials provide in a farmhouse style setting. All of this will create the perfect backdrop for some ways to make your modern house unique by adding elements like an accent wall, a great kitchen backsplash, open shelving or just about anything your modern-day farmhouse heart desires. And don’t forget to pass it on to the next generation.

Play with the Lights 

Lighting also plays a big role in farmhouse style decor as an amber glow as emanated through sheer shades sets the tone for a sunset cider by the fire. Some farmhouse homes are in fact, generations old and need some remodeling, but others are a new construction with a more modern, minimalistic spin on the style using a less-is-more approach to achieve a similar style.

What Window Treatments Look Best With Modern Farmhouse Décor

For the most part, farmhouse style windows are often taller than they are wide. These windows allow for the spilling in of waves of light. Managing that light through your selection of window decor allows you to select a look, feel and mood for each room. You may want your farmhouse kitchen window treatments to allow the flooding in of bright light through the use of a more sheer shade while a blackout shade in a neutral tone may be the perfect farmhouse bedroom window treatment.

Farmhouse Bedroom window treatments

Faux wood blinds might adorn the windows in a farmhouse bathroom as they compliment the natural elements of a farmhouse style while holding up nicely against humidity due to the durable vinyl from which they are made. Customizable in a myriad colors and lengths, these are a great choice for farmhouse windows.



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