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Fourth of July Sale! Get 30% Off Your Entire Order of window shades. No Code Needed. Valid Through 07/05 Cannot be combined with other promotions. (Parts are not included in the sale)

How to Choose Window Shades For Your Restaurants

January 13, 2022

How to Choose Window Shades For Your Restaurants

Food, service, and atmosphere is what will make or break a restaurant. The full dining experience is why people opt out of cooking at home. Though the food may arguably be the most important aspect to your restaurant, the atmosphere created by your choice of interior design is vital. Window treatments help your space feel more comfortable and inviting for your guests.

In this blog mini series, ShadeMonster is going to walk you through what to know about choosing the right window treatments for your commercial spaces. Read on to learn about how to choose window shades for your restaurant. 

What to Know About Commercial Shades For Restaurants

When looking for the right restaurant window blinds, there are functional and stylistic concerns to keep in mind. Your space will have its own unique atmosphere and signature vibe which can be recognizable to your loyal patrons. If your restaurant is part of a chain, your branding will include the same interior design, including window treatments. Choosing the right window shades for your restaurant can be overwhelming when keeping in mind the comfort of your diners. ShadeMonster recommends keeping in mind these 3 key factors for choosing the right shades for you: 

  • Glare Reduction 

Glare can be quite annoying when you have to squint to see the menu or have a hard time looking at your dining companion. Keep your patrons happy with commercial shades for your restaurant that help reduce glare and filter the light. ShadeMonster roller shades help reduce glare without compromising your natural light. 

  • UV Protection 

Keep your restaurant furniture looking brand new with window treatments that prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating through. These rays can bleach or discolor furniture which leads to damage and replacement. Commercial shades for restaurants prevent this damage with various options like solar shades, zebra shades, or blackout shades. 

  • View Preservation

If your restaurant has a beautiful view you won’t want to lose it due to obstructing window treatments. Solar shades will help reduce glare, prevent damaging UV rays, and allow you to still see out of your windows. Double up on the benefits of your restaurant window coverings by adding dual rollers with both solar shades and blackout shades. This enables you to have your view with comfort during the day and privacy at night. 


Brand your Restaurant With Roller Shades!

Did you know that you can print your logo on ShadeMonster roller shades? This is a great option for sports bars and restaurants that have outdoor seating and want to keep their customers happy out in the sun. It’s also an eye-catching look to drivers passing by!

Alternative Uses for Shades in Your Restaurant

ShadeMonster window treatments can be used for more than just your windows. Want a way to separate a private section without dividing your dining area with walls and doors? Simply install some blackout roller shades to create a new space within your restaurant. Drapery is a great way to separate the kitchen from the main dining room, while still allowing your waitstaff to pass through with ease. There are many ways restaurant window shades can be beneficial to your space and ShadeMonster is here to help you with those design options. 

Choose Motorized Shades In Your Restaurant

Motorization is a great way to add convenience and ease to your restaurant blinds. Impress your customers with automatic adjustments of your window treatments. Choose between a remote control, free smartphone app, or smart home device such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your motorized blinds. Set schedules for your restaurant shades to raise and lower adding to the atmosphere of your dining experience. This is also a wonderful option to have if your space has large or hard to reach windows. 

Why Trust ShadeMonster With Your Window Treatment?

ShadeMonster boats 25 years of experience creating custom window treatments. Our products come directly from our local factory guaranteeing high quality customizable materials, competitive pricing, and quick turn around. Contact us today for your free estimate, and have your new shades in less than 7 business days! 

Still Need Help Deciding On Your Window Treatment?

ShadeMonster’s team of experts are happy to assist. Call now for free consultation: (866) 302-0258

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