New Year, New Shades! Take 30% off your entire order now through 01/31 - No code needed. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Excludes parts and accessories.

New Year, New Shades! Take 30% off your entire order now through 01/31 - No code needed. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Excludes parts and accessories.

How To Choose Between Reverse Roll and Standard Roll Blinds

January 25, 2022

How To Choose Between Reverse Roll and Standard Roll Blinds

When deciding on roller shades for your space, one of the most important considerations is which direction would prefer the blinds to roll. Modern window treatments like roller shades are a beautiful way to reduce glare, enhance privacy, and protect against UV rays, among other advantages. However, when it comes to light control, the direction in which the shade rolls matters a lot. 

You can’t go wrong with roller shades in general, but there are various options to choose from. Solar shades and blackout shades can both be installed either reverse roll or standard roll, it’s a preference based on a few factors. ShadeMonster will help break down the differences between reverse roll shades and regular roll shades so you can decide which is best for your space. 


Reverse roller shades hide the roller tube and hardware, creating a smooth look without a valance. 

Reverse Roll vs Regular Roll

There are many benefits to both reverse roll and regular roll roller shades. Let’s highlight a few of their contrasting features to consider when making your choice: 

Reverse Roll Roller Shades 

  1. Shade fabric rolls over the roller tube 
  2. Fabric hides roller tube and hardware
  3. Allows for a greater gap between the fabric and window
  4. Achieve a smooth look without a valance 
  5. Perfect for spaces that don’t prioritize light control 

Regular Roll Roller Shades

  1. Shade fabric rolls under the roller tube
  2. Roller tube and hardware are exposed
  3. Minimal gap between the fabric and window 
  4. Add a window valance to look more polished
  5. Perfect for maximizing light control 

Reverse Roller Shades Create a Seamless Look 

If light control is not your number one priority when choosing window treatments, reverse roller shades are a top choice. Because the fabric rolls over the roller tube, it creates a clean, seamless look. The hardware and roller tube are concealed, which means there is no need for a valance. Since the fabric is in front of the tube, there will be a gap between the window and the roller shade. This will allow for more light to filter through the sides of the shade. Installing reverse roller shades over doors or windows with cranks will make it easier to slip through the gap to access the handles without raising the shade. Solar shades are a great option for reverse roller shades. 


Fabric flows behind the exposed tube when installed with standard roll. creating less of a gap between the shade and window and letting in less light.

 Maximize Protection with Standard Roll Roller Blinds

If you’re looking to maximize the light control in your space, it’s best to opt for standard roll roller shades. Since the fabric flows behind the roller tube, it hangs closer to the window and allows less light to pass through. Room darkening blinds like blackout shades are best installed as a standard roll to ensure light blockage. For a more industrial look, you can choose to leave the hardware exposed with standard roll. The picture above shows how the roller tube is exposed with standard roll roller shades. Looking for a more polished look? Add a valance to the top of your shade to hide all the hardware, as pictured below. 


Adding a valance to standard roller shades hides the hardware and roller tube. This is not needed for reverse roll roller tubes. 

Still not sure which way to install your roller shades? Give us a call to speak with one of our experienced designers. ShadeMonster is here to help with all your window treatment questions! 

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