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New Safety Compliance Standard for Corded Window Coverings

At ShadeMonster, we’re always at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our window treatments not only enhance your space but also prioritize safety and convenience. In today’s rapidly evolving world of home decor, one of the significant shifts we’re seeing is the phasing out of corded window treatments. This transition is not just a trend but a vital step towards creating safer environments for families across the globe. 

In accordance with the American National Standards Institute/Window Covering Manufacturers Association (ANSI/WCMA) Safety Standard, ShadeMonster is migrating over to tensioned continuous chain or cord loop operations for manual window treatments. As awareness has grown regarding the potential hazards associated with dangling cords, the demand for safer alternatives has rightfully surged. At ShadeMonster, safety is paramount, and we are committed to offering solutions that meet the highest standards of child and pet safety.

Alternatively to manually operated tensioned CCL shades, ShadeMonster offers motorized window treatments and will also be extending our product line to include cordless cellular shades. Cordless options eliminate the risk of entanglement, providing peace of mind for parents and pet owners alike. Meanwhile, motorized blinds and shades offer unparalleled convenience with effortless operation at the touch of a button or with voice commands via smart home integration.

What if my previously ordered window shades need replacement?

Moving forward, all replacement window treatments will meet the new ANSI/WCMA safety regulations. This means that replacement products may look or operate differently from the original product. All new orders with manual operation will be made with the approved tensioned continuous chain or cord loop. This new regulation does not affect cordless or motorized orders.

What can I do to keep my children and pets safe with my existing corded window treatments?

The following tips provided by the Window Covering Safety Council can help your family avoid potential strangulation danger from free hanging corded lift and tilt operating window treatments.

  • Move all cribs, beds, furniture and toys away from windows and window covering cords. Another wall without windows would be best.
  • Make sure that tasseled pull cords are as short as possible.
  • Use cord cleats to secure cords
  • Continuous-loop cords on shades and blinds should be permanently anchored to the wall and with the cord loop remaining under tension at all times so the chain or cord is taunt.
  • Keep all window covering cords well out of the reach of children. Eliminate any dangling cords.
  • Check that cord stops are properly installed and adjusted to limit the movement of inner lift cords.

By embracing cordless and motorized options, we empower our customers to create stylish, safe, and functional living spaces. Whether you’re looking to update your home with modern flair or seeking to enhance safety measures, ShadeMonster is here to help you find the perfect window treatments to suit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.