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What Are Best Blinds For Black Windows

Over the years, interior design trends come and go. Homeowners want to decorate their spaces with the perfect balance of trends and long lasting style. You don’t want to go through the effort of decorating your home only to find that it is out of style within a few years. It’s important to really hone in on your taste, while mixing in a few things that are trending at the moment to feel current.

One of the current home trends, black window frames, is actually not a new trend, but really an homage to historical architecture. This industrial aesthetic dates back to the time of castles and iron age. Its resurgence can be seen through the pages of Restoration Hardware and Architectural Digest. A common question that arises with black windows is what are the best blinds for black windows? In this blog we’re going to discuss how to dress your black window frames and help you choose a timeless look for your space.

White solar shades on black windows

Window Treatments for Black Framed Windows 

Black windows can seem intimidating and bold. It might be difficult to imagine how to incorporate the color in your home decor. No matter if you have an industrial loft or a farmhouse cottage, black window frames work for any interior style. Acting as a bold frame, they take your windows from forgotten to purposeful. Because of the powerful statement they bring to your design, you might be questioning which window treatment would compliment them. 

There are a 3 things to take into consideration before making your choice: 

  • Light control: Decide on whether you would like to have natural light filter through your window or if you’d prefer a room darkening window treatment. Solar shades have a variety of opacities to choose from that allow you to see more or less through. 
  • Style: Keep in mind the overall aesthetic of your space. Your window frames should feel like a design choice and blend in with your room. For modern homes, opt for roller shades that create clean lines. Traditional homes benefit from timeless faux-wood blinds. 
  • Room function: The function of the room you are installing window treatments in affects the option you choose. Bedrooms and nurseries typically value privacy and room darkening blackout shades. Living areas and kitchens may require some privacy if they are street facing, but usually are more interested in light control and glare reduction. 

Black blinds on black window

What Color Blinds for Black Windows

While there is a variety of colors, stains, and textures to choose from, try sticking to a neutral color palette for your blinds. Opt for white or black faux-wood blinds for black windows to have a cohesive look. Since faux-wood blinds have horizontal slats and openings between slats, other colors may look busy against your black framed windows. A classic black or white option will look timeless.These blinds are highly versatile and could be incorporated into any room in your house. Since they’re water resistant you won’t have to worry about water damage in high humidity areas, like bathrooms or kitchens. This makes them a great choice if you’re looking for consistency throughout your home. 

A modern alternative to traditional blinds, zebra blinds function similarly by allowing you to let in more or less light without rolling up the blinds. To complement black window frames, choose zebra blinds with a white, black, or even gray stripes. These neutral colors won’t be distracting against your bold window frames. 

Blackout blinds for black windows

What Color Shades for Black Windows

A popular choice for living areas, solar shades are commonly paired with black window frames. Many homeowners and interior decorators are using black solar shades for their black windows. Because of their woven structure, the color won’t obstruct the view or make your room dark. Light filters through black solar shades beautifully, while reducing glare and protecting your space from harmful UV rays. A modern pairing that works well in all types of interior design. 

Since blackout shades are opaque in structure, they do not allow light to pass through which means the color is subjective to preference. You won’t be able to see your black framed windows behind the shade, your blackout shades could be any color that matches your room’s style. Neutral colors, like white, beige, brown, or black, will likely be easier to incorporate. 

No one really knows how long interior design styles will stay in style. One thing is for sure, black window frames are a historically trendy option. We hope this blog assures you that combining black windows into your home isn’t as intimidating as it might seem. If you still feel unsure, ShadeMonster is here to help make your process of upgrading window treatments simple and pain-free. Our team of designers work with you step by step to make sure your dream blinds become your reality. Get started today with a free consultation. 

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