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 Hot Summer Promotion! Get 30% Off Your Entire Order. No Code Needed. Valid Through 08/15. *cannot be combined with other promotions

What are motorized shades?

March 02, 2021

Motorized Dual Shades

As homes in the United States continue to be equipped with smart devices, the demand for smarter, safer, and more convenient window treatments has risen as well.  Motorized shades are the resulting product, a smart device that enables you to control your window treatment with a remote, connect them to an app on your smartphone, and program them to your home devices such as Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

How to program your ShadeMonster motorized window treatments?

Opening and closing your window shades has never been easier! With a click of a button you are able to raise or lower your shades in just a few seconds. But wait, it gets even easier… Imagine after an exhausting day, you lay down to sleep for the night. Once settled in bed, you remember to close your blackout shades to block the early morning sunlight out. Instead of dragging yourself out of bed, you call out to your smart device “Alexa, please close bedroom shades'' and in an instant your shades come rolling down. SO EASY! You can program your shades with google home, apple home, a free app on your smart phone, computer, and more. Not to mention that this also allows you to schedule your window shades, which is perfect in case you want to adjust for privacy when you’re not home. ShadeMonster blackout window treatments are not only extremely convenient, they also add a huge WOW factor to any home or business.

What factors impact motorized shade cost?

The price of motorized shades can vary dramatically based on a number of variables, we advise getting free consultation by a staple brand such as ShadeMonster. ShadeMonster strikes the perfect balance between quality, and affordability by producing locally in our private factory in the USA, guaranteeing quality materials at competitive prices. 

Motorized window treatment benefits

  • Convenience: Motorized shades grant you complete remote control of window treatment. This alleviates all needs to reach for cords, or lift  heavy blinds making them also ideal for spaces with hard-to-reach windows and families with disabled members.

  • Child and pet-friendly: By removing all pull cords, tilt wands, and chains that pose a strangulation risk to children and pets motorized shades is ShadeMonsters recommended option for family homes.

ShadeMonster motorized window treatment additional benefits

  • Energy Conservation: Installing ShadeMonster window treatments has been shown to reduce your energy bill by up to 30% 

  • Full service in select areas: ShadeMonster team will assist you from consultation to installation. 

  • Licensed and Insured: 100% client satisfaction guaranteed from start to finish. 2 year warranty on all products

Why Trust ShadeMonster with your window treatment?

ShadeMonster boasts over 25 years of full service experience in commercial and home window treatments. Our products come directly from our local factory guaranteeing high quality customizable materials, competitive pricing, and quick turn around. Contact us today for your free estimate, and have your new shades in less than 7 business days!

Still need help deciding on a window treatment?

ShadeMonster’s team of experts are happy to assist. Call now for free consultation: 551-587-8740

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