How to Choose the Right Shades for Your Home

December 03, 2018

How to Choose the Right Shades for Your Home

When it come to choosing window coverings, shades are always a great choice. But even within this category, there are many choices available. There is no right choice for every room, but there are some factors you should consider when choosing the best shades for your home. There are two basic kinds of shades to choose from; blackout shades and solar shades.

Blackout Shades

Areas of the home that you want to block out all light are ideal places to choose blackout shades. Bedrooms are the most popular rooms to put blackout shades, but if you have a room that doubles as a home theater or a gaming room, they are also great for those areas too. This style is ideal for blocking out the sun which helps you sleep better and longer, and to view screens more easily. All light is blocked out, not just the sun. if you have any type of bright light outside your bedroom, like street lamps, buildings, or a billboard, the blackout shades can block that too. They also help keep the room cooler, which is great for many people when sleeping.

Solar Shades

Rooms that face busy streets, have foot traffic outside them, or you just want privacy, this style of shade is perfect. Many times, people want to let the natural light of the sun into the room, but cannot open blinds, curtains, or shutters and give up privacy. Solar shades let users have the best of both worlds because they let all the natural light in while still protecting privacy. They soften the light too so that if the sun is shining directly in the room, it isn’t harsh. Solar shades also provide another layer to windows, adding more insulation to benefit your utility bill.

Other Choices: Motors, Mounts, and Colors

Cords and strings attached to window treatments are dangerous for children, causing deaths every year. If you have small children in your home, motorized shades are a great option because they eliminate this risk. Choosing a motorized option for windows that are high or hard to reach is also ideal because it makes adjusting the shades much easier. Choosing a motor instead of chains is an option available for both solar shades and blackout shades.

Another choice you make with shades is how to mount them. The two positions are inside or outside the window box. If you want to highlight the window frame or molding around the window, you should mount your shades inside, so they are still visible. If the shades are the highlight or style statement of the window, then choose the outside mount option. This will showcase the shade more prominently and highlight the color you have chosen.

Choosing the color of the shades is important. The options are all neutrals, different shades and variations of black and white. Window treatments should be an accent to the room and not a match. This helps break up the color of the walls and bring interest to the window area. Classic colors like these neutral options will never go out of style.


Rest assured that it is rare to choose the exact same shades for every room in your home. While all the shades may be the same color, they are not always the same style. Choose the style for each room and window individually to fit the space. Once you hang up the right shades, you will love them for years to come. Need help measuring your shades for your home, or need help with installation? Contact us today and take advantage of our FaceTime video conference for a personalized face to face support.

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