Environmental Benefits of Having Solar and Blackout Shades in Your Home

January 02, 2019

Environmental Benefits of Having Solar and Blackout Shades in Your Home

Using the right shades for your home is more than just about style. Solar and blackout shades, correctly placed, can help the environment and your utility bills. Reducing the amount of natural gas and electricity used in a home helps to preserve more of the earth’s natural resources. Having a more energy efficient home saves you money too each month on your utilities. Having shades in your home is one of the easiest ways to improve your energy efficiency through lighting and heating and cooling.


Many people like to open their window coverings during the day to let in the natural light. In some areas of the home, people hesitate to use natural light because opening the blinds means losing privacy. Solar shades are great because they let in a lot of light, but help you keep your privacy. The material is also ideal for softening the light, so no matter what side of the house the sun is shining through, you can adjust the natural light.

Heating and Cooling

As homeowners run their heating units during the colder months of the year, about 30% of that heat is lost through the windows. This means that gas bills are higher, compensating for lost heat and producing more to keep the inside air in your home comfortable. During the hotter months, air conditioners are working over time to keep your home environment cool while heat is coming into your home. The main location where heat enters your home is through the windows. In fact, approximately 76% of the sun that hits your windows comes into your home. When you put window treatments on, it is much lower. This simple step will help to reduce the amount of electricity required to cool off your home.

The best way to trap heat in your home in the winter and blocking the heat from entering in the summer is to use window shades. The two best options are solar shades and black out shades. Solar shades are beneficial because they let light in while still giving windows an extra layer to slow heat from going in or out. Black out shades are helpful because they block even more heat from leaving or coming in than any other window covering.

While you might not always want the heat of the sun coming in your home, there are times during the year where you might take advantage of it. Rather than turning on your heater when it is a little cold outside, open your shades and use the sun to heat up your home naturally. This can help you reduce your heating bill and using your heater too soon in the season.

Choosing the Right Style

Solar shades and blackout shades are both beneficial at creating a more energy efficient home. The best part about these shades is that you can have all the functional benefits of the design while still finding a stylish option for your windows. Not having to sacrifice one for the other is one of the main reasons people love shades so much. If you have any questions about measuring for your blinds, picking the right style, or anything else, call in through FaceTime for a free consultation. Our stylists are ready to help you find the right shades for your space. So, what are you waiting for? Find the right shades for your home today.

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