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Halloween Scary Savings! Get 30% Off Your Entire Order. No Code Needed. Valid Through 11/01. *cannot be combined with other promotions

Best Shades For Houses With Pets

September 17, 2021

Best Shades For Houses With Pets

Nowadays, every home has a pet. Dogs, cats, exotic animals like rabbits and ferrets. Any kind of animal is popular in homes now. But for houses with pets, what kind of shades should I buy? Are there pet-proof shades? Well, ShadeMonster answers that for you in this blog.

Pet Friendly Window Shades

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as pet-proof window shades. If you have a small puppy, kitten, or even a rabbit, your window shades will always (at some point) become a toy for your pets. But, there is a way to prevent that. Motorized shades can be one of the best solutions to your window shade becoming a toy to your pets. 

Motorized shades don’t have any cords. Cords are one of the main sources of problems for most shades. Whether it be for children or small pets, cords can accidentally strangle your pet or small child. Most cords don’t come down as low to the ground, but some do and that is where the problem starts.


Instead, opt for motorized shades that take away the cords and also add convenience and aesthetic to your house. Cords are not only possibly harmful to your pets, but they are just aesthetically not pleasing in some rooms. Don’t settle for cords if you don’t want them or if they don’t look good. 

Pet Friendly Roller Shades

Roller shades are also a pet friendly option to go for. Roller shades, as the name suggests, roll up and down. This makes it very pet friendly and possible for you to leave your pets at home with no stress.  Roller shades can also be motorized as well, making them one of the ultimate options for window shades that are pet-friendly AND aesthetically pleasing. Roller shades aren’t pleated or have any slats that your pets can sneak through. 


Additionally, roller shades are easy for your pets to manage as well. Roller shades are slat-less and pleat-less. If your pet wants to go behind the shade and look out the window, it is 100% possible for them to just simply slide behind the shade. This is all without the entanglement of the cord, pleat, slat, or any moving part of the shade that could possibly break or harm your pet. 


Choosing The Right Shade Material

The right shade material is more important than the actual name of the shade. Although it may be called a roller shade, solar shade, or blackout shade, the most important thing is the actual fabric/material of the shade. If the shade is made of material that can be grabbed at, such as polyester or woven bamboo, it can pose a problem since your pet (cat) can now climb the shades at their will. Here are the top 3 most problematic materials that you want to avoid if you have a pet: 


  • Woven bamboo

Woven bamboo poses one of the biggest challenges for pet owners. Every pet loves to chew on wood. But also, lots of cats like to dig their claws into the wood and ruin the wood because they think it is a toy. Don’t choose woven bamboo. It will basically become a toy to your pets and easily get ruined. In addition, letting pets willingly just pull and play with your shades can ultimately ruin the entire system. 

  • Fabric

Fabric that is woven and natural might seem nice. In fact, they ARE nice. But, they are not exactly the best choice for pet owners. Natural fabric rips easily and is also a nice target for your pets to use as a scratch toy or even just as a toy period. In addition, cats can dig their claws into the fabric and use it as a scaling toy and get to dangerous heights in your house. This can cause additional damage to your house that is unrelated to your shades.

  • Polyester

Polyester is cheap and easy to manufacture. That is why almost every other company uses polyester instead of higher quality materials. If your polyester looks like it was woven or gets caught in your nails, you may have a problem on your hands. Polyester is also easily climbable for most small animals. It is also a tasty treat for some animals that like to chew, such as rabbits. Don’t risk your shades just because the material is cheaper. 

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