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Out With The old, In With The New! Get 30% Off Your Entire Order. No Code Needed. Valid Through 01/31 *cannot be combined with other promotions

4 Things To Know About Zebra Shades

July 23, 2021


For first time shade buyers, zebra shades can be a new concept. 

Lots of people think about the actual animal before actually being able to imagine what a zebra shade actually is.

However, just like the animal, zebra shades consist of two different shades that are two different colors. In addition, zebra shades are much more versatile than the blackout shades, roller shades, or roman shades. 

What Are Zebra Blinds?

Zebra shades, also called dual shades are a kind of recent type of window treatment that consist in solid fabric strips and sheer fabric strips alternating creating stripes hence the term zebra. Zebra blinds are cord or remote control operated shades that lets you adjust the light filtering, insulation, and privacy of your room.

Zebra shades are an innovative and modern window treatment that can add uniqueness to any room. The stripes create a sophisticated look while still maintaining the feel of comfort.  Zebra blinds are also versatile and are able to be installed in any room with any window. The alternating fabric strips allow for light to be filtered through, creating a sense of privacy without sacrificing natural lighting entirely-making this style perfect for large windows or rooms with tall ceilings where there is less space between floors!



What Are Zebra Shades Made Of?

Zebra shades are typically made of high quality polyester that allow you to have a durable and long lasting set of blinds that can last you years. However, because of the moving parts make sure to maintain your shades cleaned and dusted so they will last you lifetime. 

Although polyester gets lots of hate, ShadeMonster zebra blinds are made in our local factory in Miami. Our zebra shades are made with other fabrics that are not only more durable, but also more aesthetically pleasing than just regular polyester zebra shades that are bought from China. 

Because zebra shades are made with a flexible fabric so that they can move around more easily when rolled, they are also much more versatile than the typical shade. Blackout shades are thicker and opaque, making them one of the least flexible and most expensive. Wood blinds or woven shades are made of wood and although are high quality, may not last in certain climates and are not so flexible in terms of getting rolled up and down. Zebra shades are quite literally just two roller shades of different colors that overlap each other to give the zebra effect, so zebra shades are not only flexible, but also get the job done. In addition, being made of thinner material, they are also very affordable.


Zebra Blinds Can Be Customized And Are In Style

In terms of versatility, our zebra blinds can be customized to be sheer, blackout, and everything in between. Opacity can be customized to make it almost impossible to see through or very easy to see through. Convenience and safety can be customized as well so that the zebra blinds can be motorized, remote controlled, and/or cordless.

 Zebra shades can be customized in any color, and sized to most windows. At ShadeMonster, we even let you customize the color of the zebra shades. One of our most versatile shades and being able to fit almost any modern window, they are customizable in any scenario. 


Zebra Blinds for Privacy and Light Filtering

One of the most useful traits of zebra blinds is light filtering and also being able to provide privacy. Because most blinds only offer one or the other (between light filtering and privacy), people might have to spend double the money to get both options. This is not the same with zebra blinds. Zebra blinds, by default, come with both light filtering and privacy. 

Because zebra shades are basically zebra roller shades combined with sheer shades of different colors, they will always offer light filtering. But to achieve privacy, zebra blinds need to be lowered or raised so that the black portions are not overlapping and are the only colors showing on the blind. 


Smart Home? Zebra Blinds Can Be Motorized

Most households have children or small pets that can become a victim to the possible hazard that cords can pose. That is why ShadeMonster offers cordless zebra shades and motorized zebra shades that take out the hazard immediately. This makes motorized zebra shades an almost immediate option for families with children or small pets.

The convenience of having motorized zebra shades is endless. You are able to access your shades from any part of the room instead of having to get up and get them is a convenience. There are always those days that you want to just lay in bed, stay on the couch, or not move from where you were relaxing. This is when having motorized zebra shades or cordless zebra shades are the way to go. 

ShadeMonster’s Promise

Zebra shades are one of the most affordable and versatile shades. Being able to switch between sheer shade for sunlight and visibility, but also being able to go to a privacy shade is one of the zebra shade’s biggest advantages. ShadeMonster has its own local Miami factory that offers a 24 hour turnaround for orders and also a showroom for the most personal and customized shades and blinds. 

Why Trust ShadeMonster with your Window Treatment? 

ShadeMonster boasts over 25 years of experience creating custom window treatments. Our products come directly from our local factory guaranteeing high quality customizable materials, competitive pricing, and quick turn around.  Contact us today for your free estimate, and have your new shades in less than 7 business days! 

Still need help deciding on a window treatment?

ShadeMonster’s team of experts are happy to assist. Call now for free consultation: 866-206-8056


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