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How to Install Roller Shades

Installing a custom roller shade or blind may sound complicated but it is actually very easy. Today Shademonster wants to show you how simple it is with this step-by-step guide.

What do you need to start?

 Cordless Drill   drill icon
Pencil Pencil icon

It is best to read through the installation instruction completely prior to beginning your installation.


graphic that explains to use a drill to install the roller shades brackets

  • Hold the first bracket where you would like the shade and mark holes using the pencil and then install the bracket using the screw.
  • Slide the shade into the bracket and use the pencil to mark where you will need to mount the opposite bracket. Make sure that they are properly aligned so the shades will raise and lower evenly.
  • Install the locking bracket using the screw.



Inside mount graphic

Inside mount

Leave enough room (1/4”) on top of the bracket so the blind can roll up and down.


Outside mount


When measuring and installing shades, make sure there is a “play” between the roller and the brackets. Shades mounted too tight in the brackets will not function properly
  1. Insert the rolled shade into the bracket

After both brackets have been installed insert your shades into the brackets, start by placing the pin side of the roller shade  into the hole of the non locking bracket; then insert the other side of the roller shade into the open locking bracket. Rotate the pivoting arm over the tab to lock the shade.

  1. Test the operation

Once the roller shade is secured into place test the operation of the shade and  your blinds to the brackets, making sure they are level.

  1. Install the chain tensioner

Chain tensioner

  1. enjoy the fruits of your labor!